A need 4 a speedy link 4 Election 2012 INFO

Vox5 INTERRUPTS THIS POST to report a friend’s experience while an “Early Voting” location on Sat. 10/27.  Here’s what they had to say:

WORD OF CAUTION: I just returned from voting. When I went to review my ballot before casting it, the machine had me voting for a pro abortion liberal whom I would never have voted for. I went back into the ballot and voted for the right person. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU REVIEW YOUR BALLOT SELECTIONS AND REPORT ANY QUESTIONABLE ACTIVITY TO THE BOARD OF ELECTIONS!!! It only takes a few errant votes here and there to steal an election.

Current Vox5 suggestion is to ask to talk to the Head Election Judge before you go into the voter booth to ask what you should do if you encounter the same thing.

* * *

A friend asked me to make this time sensitive information available so it could be shared in various ways.  As Will Rodgers said, “If there’s a will, there’s a way” and so here’s the info.!

As always, these views are my own and as a citizen journalist, it’s time to remind you there is a lot at stake in the 2012 election.  As an example, the next president will most likely appoint THREE MORE Supreme Court justices (because of age and retirement) and hundreds of federal judges whose decisions will affect generations.

* * *

Please see this link for voter guides for the Maryland ballot which includes info. on the presidential election.

Please check out the links in the upper right hand corner of the main page or click on one of the bullet points below to be taken to that link.


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Guess that’s it from here for now!  Thanks for visiting!


One thought on “A need 4 a speedy link 4 Election 2012 INFO

  1. What I received about MoCo Ballot Question B —

    Vote FOR Question B!!!

    Who Do YOU Think Should Run the
    Montgomery County Police Department?
    The Police Chief or Police Union Leaders?
    That’s What Question B on the November Ballot Is All About.

    Vote FOR Question B

    Under “effects bargaining,” Police Chief Tom Manger has to bargain everything about running his department with Police Union leaders. That includes the distribution of critical police equipment, the redeployment of officers to crime hot spots, and even the revised policy on “Use of Force” – important to protecting the public and officers alike – which was sent to the Police Union for their “approval” on June 27, 2008.
    In all, 15 Police Department policies are awaiting union leaders’ “approval” – 12 of them for over two years. Under effects bargaining, police officers still don’t have to sign their time cards.The Police Chief could not even require that police officers have County email accounts – or check their email. It took months to negotiate that.

    That makes no sense. For more information click on the below link.


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