Voting TWICE is a CRIME and Other Voter Fraud/Voter Intimidation REPORTS

Although this isn’t a “voting twice scenario”, Vox5 INTERRUPTS THIS POST to report a friend’s experience while an “Early Voting” location on Sat. 10/27.  Here’s what they had to say:

WORD OF CAUTION: I just returned from voting. When I went to review my ballot before casting it, the machine had me voting for a pro abortion liberal whom I would never have voted for. I went back into the ballot and voted for the right person. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU REVIEW YOUR BALLOT SELECTIONS AND REPORT ANY QUESTIONABLE ACTIVITY TO THE BOARD OF ELECTIONS!!! It only takes a few errant votes here and there to steal an election.

Current Vox5 suggestion is to ask to talk to the Head Election Judge before you go into the voter booth to ask what you should do if you encounter the same thing.

On Fri., Nov. 2nd Vox5 received a SECOND absentee ballot in the mail.  Why, Vox5 isn’t sure.  I, Vox5 dropped off my ballot on 11/1 to the Board of Elections.  I’ll keep the unopened one along with the first envelope I received but I will only be voting ONCE!


1) Read more about voting machine irregularities.

2) FYI, phony letters sent to Florida residents tell U.S. citizens that they’re not eligible to vote because they’re NOT U.S. citizens.  NOT GOOD!  This has been reported IN 21 FLORIDA COUNTIES!  Florida’s Secretary of State has received reports of phone calls about casting a ballot by phone and wrong voting hours.

3) See this voter fraud undercover video in which a DNC employee talks with an undercover reporter about voting twice.

4) “The Voting Dead” video.


This story about Obama’s campaign website ‘receives’ an illegal foreign ‘donation’ from ‘Osama bin Laden’.


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