Prayer for the Election & the U.S.A.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.
(Ephesians 6:12 ESV)

I don’t think I, Vox5, need to tell you that we as a country and as individuals really need God’s help!  I know that I am not the embodiment of godly character in many ways.  However, that doesn’t prohibit me from asking folks to consider praying for the election and for our country.

Vox5 here to interrupt this thread — On Fri., Nov. 2nd Vox5 received a SECOND absentee ballot in the mail.  Why, Vox5 isn’t sure.  I, Vox5 dropped off my ballot on 11/1 to the Board of Elections.  I’ll keep the unopened one along with the first envelope I received but I will only be voting ONCE!

As much as Obama has divided this country (see “page” on his affiliation with Saul Alinsky), he has “united” many different faiths over his and his administration’s policies (such as Obamacare’s attack on religious liberty along with his abortion policies, etc.).  The leadership of Catholics, Protestants, Mormons are united in praying for their congregants to vote Biblical values (which would essentially mean voting Obama out of office).

Here’s another way that’s sure to unite people of faith — and also here’s a prayer point:

See this link for explaining the commercial featuring Lena Dunham who explains that voting for Obama in ’08 is like losing one’s virginity to ‘a really great guy’.  Are you kidding me?   See the  commercial yourself . . . maybe you’ll see this for the first time.  Be sure to NOT have young kids with you when you watch it and be sure to have your Facebook wall open so you can exclaim to all of your friends, “HOW could he (Obama) ‘approve this message’?

ANOTHER MAJOR PRAYER POINT (related to Alinsky tactics) from an excerpt in an article in the Oct. 29th  The American Thinker:

Is President Obama willing to incite civil unrest to win re-election?  As we have all been encouraged to wear our dog-whistle decoders these days, one can hardly be blamed for wondering.  Worse yet, we know the answer.  He is already doing it.

Please bear with me, as this topic requires considerable delicacy.

According to Rolling Stone, Barack Obama has now called Mitt Romney “a bull*****er,” on the record.  His anger at the challenger was palpable — that is, carefully staged — during each of the last two presidential debates.  And he has made a central theme of his campaign the warning that a Romney presidency would erase all of the “equality” victories of the 1960s and ’70s.


Could Obama really be reduced to attempting to win re-election through mob protests and intimidation — i.e., through a climate of fear?

Let us examine the broad facts.  According to the recent polls, most of which have been conducted by organizations sympathetic to Obama, Romney appears to be on his way to victory.  Obama’s policy record is insupportable on the basis of its results, and his campaign knows it.  His one ace in the hole, his alleged effectiveness in the Middle East, has been exposed once and for all as a disastrous lie.  And his opponent’s past seems to be scandal-free, thus eliminating the one major comeback technique his inner circle has shown any past skill in executing.

All appears lost for Obama according to normal campaign channels.  It is time for the Hail Mary pass.  But do we have any grounds for imagining that he and his team would stoop so low as to seek to incite mass incivility, on or before Election Day?

Let us examine a few more facts.  Barack Obama’s primary occupation before electoral politics was as a community organizer in Chicago.  He was an adviser to ACORN, the election fraud racket and socialist activism organization founded by former SDS radical Wade Rathke.  His mentors in Chicago included Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, the Weather Underground leaders who staged the Days of Rage in 1969; Rashid Khalidi, apologist for and promoter of anti-Israeli violence; and Jeremiah Wright, whose most famous words are “God damn America!”  In his youth, of course, Obama’s primary male role model was Frank Marshall Davis, a communist and, naturally, a community organizer.

Would any of the people I just named stop short of using intimidation or civil unrest to achieve their political ends, if they believed it would be effective — or that it was their only hope?

Too speculative, you say?  What does any of this have to do with Obama himself, you ask?

A few more facts.  On Election Day 2008, New Black Panther militants, one carrying a billy club, stood threateningly in front of a polling station in Philadelphia.  (See here.)  They were charged with voter intimidation.  Obama’s Justice Department dismissed the charges.  In March 2012, when Florida was on pins and needles over the Zimmerman-Martin case, and the Al Sharpton types were trying to escalate the tensions and incite racial unrest, Obama spiked his presidential message of national “soul-searching” with the race-baiting Sharptonesque observation that “[i]f I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

Obama has spoken sympathetically of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and, more importantly, embraces its leftist class warfare rhetoric.  His stock line about Romney’s economic plan is, “it turns out that it’s just a one-point plan — a sketchy deal that says folks at the very top get to play by a different set of rules than you do.”  Pure “99 percent” stuff.  Ayers and Dohrn, who hosted his first ever political campaign event, have given presentations to OWS groups.

Read more:

Here are some ‘official’ prayer resources:

An Oct. 26th email from Catholics for Life states:

October 29 marks nine days until Election Day.

Therefore, it is the start of the National Novena for the Elections. See

If you follow our work, you know that we have been conducting a nine week election prayer campaign since September 1.

INTERCESSORS for AMERICA – this week’s prayer points and IFA’s prayer points for October and for November.

Here are some more prayer points from IFA:

October 5, 2012


In just over 30 days U.S. voters will again elect a President, an entire House of Representatives, one third of the Senate, scores of state and local officials and vote on important referenda. Repent for the pride, rebellion, lying and deception, immorality and corruption in our midst, and intercede that the Lord show mercy, break deception, and awaken and inform the conscience of the church, the media and the nation. Pray that Christians are stirred to examine issues on the basis of biblical truth and candidates on the grounds of character, morality  and  integrity. Pray for godly local, state, and national pro-life candidates to find favor.


Pray for family members, for your pastor and area church leaders, and for city, state and national officials, and for candidates running for public office, according to Philippians 1:10. Pray that they receive grace to be sincere, to forgive others, not hold offenses and to live with a clear conscience.


October is clergy appreciation month. Pray and examine your conscience to see if there is any unconfessed sin, unforgiveness or a need for reconciliation with any pastor or church staff. Repent and deal with the matter as the Lord directs. Offer  thanksgiving and pray blessing upon your past and present pastors and staff.


Offer thanksgiving for citizenship in a nation with free elections. Intercede that the Lord will convict more believers of their duties as Christian citizens to  register, to become informed and to vote.

Family Research Council offers prayer points as well.

* * *

If you would like to fast, here are some resources on fasting.

* * *

You’re invited to THE WAKE UP SOLEMN ASSEMBLY on Saturday, November 3rd from Noon to 4 p.m. at the War Memorial Plaza at the corner of North Gay and Fayette Street in Baltimore, Maryland.  It’s a Mid-Atlantic gathering for prayer, worship and action.

The organizers are calling over 10,000 people – across denominational lines, ethnic lines and social barriers – young and old to join together, united for the purpose of seeing His kingdom come.  God is raising hope that the reality of transforming revival is more than just a dream.

There’s no charge to attend.  See  and RSVP via Facebook.

* * *

You can also sign up to receive email prayer points from some of these organizations.


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