MARYLAND BALLOT — Candidate & Ballot Suggestions for Pro-Family Voters

Vox5 INTERRUPTS THIS POST to report a friend’s experience while an “Early Voting” location on Sat. 10/27.  Here’s what they had to say:

WORD OF CAUTION: I just returned from voting. When I went to review my ballot before casting it, the machine had me voting for a pro abortion liberal whom I would never have voted for. I went back into the ballot and voted for the right person. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU REVIEW YOUR BALLOT SELECTIONS AND REPORT ANY QUESTIONABLE ACTIVITY TO THE BOARD OF ELECTIONS!!! It only takes a few errant votes here and there to steal an election.

Current Vox5 suggestion is to ask to talk to the Head Election Judge before you go into the voter booth to ask what you should do if you encounter the same thing.


SAMPLE BALLOT in English & Spanish for all Maryland congressional districts is here.  You’ll need to scroll through to find your district.

Other voter guides, etc. are ahead. You can scroll through or search within this page for >>> to find different sections/voting information, including background information for each ballot question.  

Some people only want to “see” what others have “picked” so here are two of these voter guides right up front.

Maryland Right to Life has endorsed the following candidates:

Office Sought District Candidate Name
U.S. President Mitt Romney
U.S. Senate Statewide Daniel Bongino
U.S. Congress 1 Andy Harris
U.S. Congress 2 Nancy Jacobs
U.S. Congress 4 Faith Loudon
U.S. Congress 5 Tony O’Donnell
U.S. Congress 6 Roscoe Bartlett
U.S. Congress 7 Frank Mirabile

The Montgomery County MD GOP has endorsed the following candidates:


Although posting MoCo’s GOP ballot can come across as partisan (favoring only one party), it’s important for pro-family voters to know these GOP candidates  ARE pro-traditional family candidates.  (You can search for each of the candidates online by looking for their respective websites.)  The Maryland candidates (and Presidential candidate) from the Democrat Party are not on record as sharing pro-family values and the national Democrat Party even took God out of their party’s platform and then had to “ram” it back in during a contested voice vote at their convention in August 2012.  Story with video is HERE.  (FYI, there will most likely be a SSM ad playing before the video.  That doesn’t mean that the website which features this story endorses SSM.  It’s just paid political advertising on YouTube BEFORE the actual content plays.)  

You can see a comparison of the platforms (what they believe and want to work toward) at this link.  Please see page 14 for why Christians should vote at this link.  Take a look at this whiteboard presentation to understand why it’s important for people to be aware of candidates and their positions.         

The above presentation portrays Bonhoeffer’s quote, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

>>>As You’re Aware, The First Entry on the Ballot is For President

So what about Obama?  Does he deserve a second term?

(He may be “nice” on TV and even in person, but that’s not the main reason to vote for him.  One needs to consider what his stand is on policies that affect all Americans AND others throughout the world.)

Thomas Sowell on “greed”.

If you’re NOT concerned with “social issues”, just fiscal, then consider this statement

Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured but not everyone must prove they are a citizen.  Many of those who refuse, or are unable, to prove they are citizens will receive free insurance paid for by those who are forced to buy insurance because we are citizens.

Still looking for the actual person who said this to give attribution; however, it’s still a great statement.

and SEE and


If you ARE concerned WITH “social issues”, please read below.

The Family Research Council articulately explains the President’s anti-family policies in this article.

Pastor John Piper’s Twitter post says what he thinks about Obama’s position on marriage and why Obama should lose.  (Click on both blue links.)

Vox5 here with another example of why pro-family voters should NOT vote for Obama — see this link from Family Research Council for explaining the commercial featuring Lena Dunham who explains that voting for Obama in ’08 is like losing one’s virginity to ‘a really great guy’.  Are you kidding me?   This is “using” women and shows the disrespect this President and his advisors have for AMERICA’S WOMEN!  See the  commercial yourself . . . maybe you’ll see this for the first time.  Be sure to NOT have young kids with you when you watch it and your Facebook wall open so you can exclaim to all of your friends, “HOW could he (Obama) ‘approve this message’?

Can you believe the U.S. has been talking about THIS for over 6 months?! What foreign leaders in China, Syria, Iran and North Korea must be laughing about to no end!

Vox5 says, “Let’s talk about a real issue — making the U.S. energy-independent!”

If you believe that a person is known by the company they keep, you’ll want to know that the head of Planned Parenthood is now campaigning full time for Obama.  See this story and the info. from Americans United for Life.

* * *

You can see the movie 2016 – Obama’s America:  Love Him, Hate Him, You Don’t Know Him by downloading it through Amazon at this link.

* * *

>>>National Right to Life’s  Presidential Candidate Comparison in English and in Spanish.

 National Right to Life Victory Fund also lists “54 Reasons to NOT Vote for Barack Obama”

There are more reasons to considering not voting for Obama; a few are “listed/shown” here.  You can read more about at the links on the left-hand side of the page under “Christian Leaders Exhort Believers . . . ” AND DEFINITELY READ the upper right hand link (or click here)  about Obama’s connections to Alinsky to understand more about how he is dividing out country and destroying it.

Although this was a while ago (before her husband became president), Michelle Obama lobbied for partial birth abortions on her husband’s behalf in a fundraising letter she signed.  See it here.

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton starring as “Fall Guy” with Libya ~ Obama as George Washington in “I didn’t lie (about the cherry tree)”

Good example of socialism. Don’t be fooled by it!

Don’t be fooled by a politician’s use of the word ‘compassion’.  What they mean by this term is “the giving of money from someone who earned it to someone who did not”.  Yes, there need to be “acts” of compassion to people who truly CAN’T  work, etc. but the government uses the “guise” of “compassion” to give to people who COULD work but DON’T!  See this article for a thoughtful explanation of Christian compassion vs. taxpayer-funded “compassion”.

Obama pushes “Forward” with killing the U.S. economy
Obama's Derogatory Comment About Business Owners

Obama’s Derogatory Comment About Business Owners

If you want to see the President saying this, go to

Obama Moves ‘Forward’ In Destroying the U.S. Constitution

Click here to read many anti-traditional family decisions Obama made without Congressional approval.


If you’re not sure what your ballot is supposed to look like, click on this link to find a sample ballot in English & Spanish for all Maryland counties.  (The sample ballot at the link above contains ALL congressional districts – scroll through to find yours.)



Check out the following for voter guides, etc.  (Click on the reddish/maroon words to be taken to those resources.  Use your back arrow button to be returned to this page.)

>>LEARN from the SOURCE about Mitt Romney’s VP candidate Paul Ryan’s views on faith and family in his (Ryan’s) interview with Focus on the Family.

>> – published by Family Research Council.  Features voter guides (also in Spanish) — and info. on presidential candidates.  Good videos explaining the issues U.S. citizens are grappling with – the economy, abortion (22 out of every 100 pregnancies ends in abortion), and others

Finally, please take advantage of a number of helps that FRCAction has produced to help you both pray and vote: Presidential Voter Guide (also MilitarySpanish), Interactive Congressional ScorecardV.P. Catholic Voter GuideBiden vs. Ryan: Catholic Doctrine and Candidate Positions. Don’t miss this values voter motivating video and forward this to your family and friends (Protestant VersionCatholic Version). Thank you for being a praying voter!

>>Family Research Council has published this “scorecard” to help you learn about how “pro-family” your member of Congress is.  FYI, Republican V.P. candidate Paul Ryan is honored with an FRC “True Blue” for his 100% pro-family votes.  Maryland Congressional candidates Andy Harris (District 1) and Roscoe Bartlett (District 6) have also received a “True Blue” as well.

>>American Family Association’s  Voter Guide

>>Maryland Right to Life has endorsed the following candidates:

Office Sought District Candidate Name
U.S. President Mitt Romney
U.S. Senate Statewide Daniel Bongino
U.S. Congress 1 Andy Harris
U.S. Congress 2 Nancy Jacobs
U.S. Congress 4 Faith Loudon
U.S. Congress 5 Tony O’Donnell
U.S. Congress 6 Roscoe Bartlett
U.S. Congress 7 Frank Mirabile


>> MD Catholic Conference – features Maryland candidates’ responses on select questions/concerns.

>>National Right to Life’s  Presidential Candidate Comparison in English and in Spanish.

National Right to Life Victory Fund also lists “54 Reasons to NOT Vote for Barack Obama”

Includes Barack Obama’s Actions and Shifting Claims on the Protection of Born-Alive Aborted Infants

In this article, 6 Ways to Defeat a Pro-Life Candidate, read #6 which pertains to consequences for people voting for an independent/third party candidate, such as this election for President or in the MD Senate race.

>> – published by the ERLC – Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission which features many good resources about citizenship.  Please see page 14 of this document for why Christians should vote.  FYI, the rest of the doc contains comparisons between each party’s platforms (what they believe and want to work toward).

>>>Thanks again to Delegate Kathy Afzali for providing ballot information further below in a different format and for including info. on some Frederick County issues.  PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR INFO. ON MANY OF THE BALLOT QUESTIONS.  Unfortunately, Vox5 is a newbie at WordPress and not able to get everything linked to each ballot question.

>>>FOR MoCo SCHOOL BOARD — The “Apple Ballot” is one I would NOT use except to decide who to vote against.  You can see the current “Apple Ballot” here.

Interestingly, Eagle Forum has this questionnaire to ask school board candidates.

>>>FYI, about the judges, there’s not much we can do.  On the (MoCo) ballot question which says “choose three judges” and there are only three judges are listed.  They’ll automatically continue their service.  In regards to the one judge who is up for “continuance in office” (on MoCo ballot), that judge was appointed by Gov. Martin O’Malley (who is in favor of SSM).  However, if that judge is voted out because O’Malley’s term ends in 2016, O’Malley can easily appoint another judge who shares HIS values.

>>>About MoCo Question B — 

What Vox5 received about MoCo Ballot Question B –

Vote FOR Question B!!!

Who Do YOU Think Should Run the
Montgomery County Police Department?
The Police Chief or Police Union Leaders?
That’s What Question B on the November Ballot Is All About.

Vote FOR Question B

Under “effects bargaining,” Police Chief Tom Manger has to bargain everything about running his department with Police Union leaders. That includes the distribution of critical police equipment, the redeployment of officers to crime hot spots, and even the revised policy on “Use of Force” – important to protecting the public and officers alike – which was sent to the Police Union for their “approval” on June 27, 2008.
In all, 15 Police Department policies are awaiting union leaders’ “approval” – 12 of them for over two years. Under effects bargaining, police officers still don’t have to sign their time cards.The Police Chief could not even require that police officers have County email accounts – or check their email. It took months to negotiate that.

That makes no sense. For more information click on the below link.

If you’re interested in assessing pro-family candidates, including info. with a Christian perspective, click on this link or go to the link in the upper right hand corner about Voting Resources for Christians.

>>>DELEGATE KATHY AFZALI’s ballot “PICKS” for candidates and ballot issues are below.  Each BALLOT QUESTION begins with >>>* (so you can search easily):

I have received messages from many of you and I appreciate the “thank yous” for the referendum information I have sent.
Some of you have requested a sample ballot which indicates how I plan to vote.  I have published that below and hope that it is of value to you. We may not all agree on everything but I think it’s important, especially for my constituents, to know exactly where I stand on the issues and candidates.
Note below that I have decided to support Charter Government in Frederick County. This may come as a surprise to some, but even with its flaws I think that it is time for Frederick County to take this step.
Thank you again for your kind and positive words.  Now go out and exercise your right to vote in this great nation!

P.S.  Today is $10 Friday. These informational emails take time and cost money. Please help me continue to provide this service. I am asking that you consider donating $10 to my campaign today.  This money will aid me in continuing to get information to you.

You can click on the Donate button below or send your check to: Friends of Kathy Afzali, P.O. Box 412, Braddock Heights, MD 21714.  

Thank you in advance for your generous contribution! has some resources on Questions 4, 5, and 6.

Many thanks to Maryland Delegate Kathy Afzali for helpful information on several of the seven state ballot questions.  Scroll down for info. on each one.  (You can search within this document for >>>* to find the next question.  Search by pressing both Ctrl & the letter ‘F’ key and enter an asterisk in the search box.)

>>>*QUESTION #4 – “Dream Act”

Election 2012 is just around the corner and although every election is important, this one is particularly so. As you may know I have been active regarding four of the referendum questions that will be on your Maryland ballot. This will be the first time that many of us, as voters, will have the final say on laws passed in Maryland.
Our vote on November 6th will say to our legislators either: 1) We like the change in the law that you passed and therefore, keep doing what you are doing; or 2) We don’t like the law that you passed and we, the people of the State of Maryland, are saying “no”.
I can honestly say to you that all of these questions cross party lines.  Both Republicans and Democrats have reasons for believing that these four ballot initiatives are just bad law.  We all have to be careful that we use not just our hearts in making these decisions, but our heads as well.
It was said most aptly by Oliver Wendell Holmes, one of our most respected Supreme Court Justices:
Great cases like hard cases make bad law.  For great cases are called 
great, not by reason of their importance…but because of some accident 
of immediate overwhelming interest which appeals to the feelings and distorts the judgement.
In this email, and the next three to follow, I hope to share with you, one at a time, ballot referendum questions 4,5,6 &7, and the reasons I voted against them in the legislature and why I hope you will do the same when you vote.  I’ll begin with Question #4, which is in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.
Thank you for taking the time to engage yourself in Election 2012.  Please share this information with your friends and family.


On Monday, October 15th, I was a guest on Bruce DePuyt’s News Talk 


News Channel 8.  Please click on the link below to watch 
the debate 
and then keep reading.

 Dream Act Debate On News Talk with Bruce DePuyt

BALLOT QUESTION #4 (The Dream Act)

Public Institutions of Higher Education – Tuition Rates

Establishes that individuals, including undocumented immigrants, are eligible to pay in-state tuition rates at community colleges in Maryland, provided the student meets certain conditions relating to attendance and graduation from a Maryland high school, filing of income taxes, intent to apply for permanent residency, and registration with the selective service system (if required); makes such students eligible to pay in-state tuition rates at a four-year public college or university if the student has first completed 60 credit hours or graduated from a community college in Maryland; provides that students qualifying for in-state tuition rates by this method will not be counted as in-state students for purposes of counting undergraduate enrollment; and extends the time in which honorably discharged veterans may qualify for in-state tuition rates. 


Why I voted “against” on this law


Financial Concerns

  • Maryland state universities and community colleges are subsidized by the taxpayer.  This year Maryland borrowed 1.5 billion dollars to balance the budget.
  • Our state is broke and Question #4 is estimated to cost anywhere from $3.5 million to $400 million per year.  Who is going to pay for that?
  • When we invest in a young person’s education, we hope for a return on our investment.  This will not happen with undocumented students.  They will be ineligible to work in our state or country.
  • Even though these students will have a college degree, it is a felony to hire illegal immigrants. Untrained immigrants may be hired illegally, but this won’t happen with accountants, engineers, doctors, and other professionals.
  • No one knows how many illegal immigrants will take advantage of the in-state benefit or how many more will move to Maryland to take advantage of this subsidy.
  • SB167 (The Dream Act) is open-ended.  There is no limit to how many can qualify and how much it could eventually cost.
Maryland’s Dream Act will help the children of immigrants afford college.
  • It is important first of all to understand that 18-year-olds are not children. They are young adults and should take the responsibility to clear their immigration status.
  • Any child born in the United States, including children of illegal immigrants, is automatically a citizen and is already eligible for in-state tuition.
  • Federal law requires that all children, regardless of immigrant status, receive a K-12 education.  We, as Maryland taxpayers, have met that obligation.
  • It is important to understand that on the average, about 23% of students enrolled in Maryland State Universities pay out-of-state tuition.
  • If illegal immigrants begin enrolling and pay in-state tuition, these universities will have two options: 1) In-state citizen students will have to be displaced to make room for illegal students. 2) Lucrative out-of-state students will have to be dropped, thus resulting in possible higher tuition rates for in-state students or greater taxpayer subsidies.
It is wrong to deny anyone a college education.
  • First of all, no one is denying any students the opportunity for a college education.
  • Illegal immigrant students can attend college, but would be paying international student rates, as if they had stayed in their home country.
  • Those in opposition to Question #4 have been accused of lacking compassion. However, some legal residents and international students may not get into the college of their choice because they have been displaced.
  • Maryland citizens cannot afford to subsidize the higher education of illegal immigrants at the expense of their own children.  These families need our compassion.
Illegal immigrant student’s family needs to have paid Maryland taxes for the last three years.
  • This is wrong! The proponents of the bill keep telling this lie. The law says that the parents must have FILED Maryland income tax forms for the last three years.
  • Filing forms does not mean that one actually paid taxes.
  • Many illegal immigrants who do file returns don’t pay taxes and instead, qualify for tax refunds.
Eleven other states already give in-state tuition to illegal aliens.
  • This is true, however 38 states do not.  Several that do provide it — Texas, Utah, Florida, and Wisconsin are considering ending this costly practice.
  • One state, South Carolina, prohibits illegal aliens from attending state colleges at all.
Illegal immigrant students would still have to pay their own tuition — The Dream Act doesn’t give them financial aid.
  • The answer to that is “Not Yet”.  History shows that once a state grants in-state tuition to illegal immigrants, then the door opens for state aid.
  • This has happened in Texas, New Mexico, and California, among others, at great additional cost to the taxpayers in those states.
Ballot Question#4 is just a bad law.

I hope that you will join me and diverse groups of multiple ethnic groups, including Latinos, legal immigrants, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, and Vote Against Ballot Question #4!

>>>*QUESTION #5 – Redistricting

Welcome to my next installment for election  2012 Ballot issues. My response to question #4 was overwhelming and I am so glad that many of you are taking the time to educate yourself with the truth about the referendum questions. I am hoping to get past the hype on the issues and share with you the testimony that I was able to hear in Annapolis, and why ultimately I voted against the Congressional Redistricting map and below is why.Thank you again for taking the time to engage yourself in Election 2012. Please share this information with your friends and family.


BALLOT QUESTION #5 (The Congressional Redistricting Map)
Congressional Redistricting Plan

Establishes the boundaries for the State’s eight United States Congressional Districts based on recent census figures, as required by the United States Constitution.



Every ten years according to the United States Constitution the census requires every state to reapportion the population and draw new lines for Congressional Representation. The process is critical to the citizens and their voice to our national government. The map below was drawn by the governor and a partisan commission for politicians not people.

This coming legislative session (2013) I will be introducing a bill requiring the state of Maryland to follow what other states are now doing and that is to have the lines drawn by a bi-partisan, non political commission. This is critical to be certain that every citizen has a voice in our nation’s capitol.


Why I voted “against” this law/map


First of all, take a look at this map and ask yourself these questions: 1) Does my community survive? and 2)Does this map even make any sense?
Why should you care about redistricting?
  • Redistricting affects every household in the state.
  • We should have districts that represent communities and groups of people.
  • Maryland’s map purposefully spreads out minority votes so that they cannot compete with establishment politicians.
  • African American and Hispanic Districts are split up to keep white-establishment liberals in control and to minimize minority voting power.
  • Rural area voters are separated and combined with densely-populated urban areas in other districts to minimized their voting power.

Does Maryland really have one of the most “gerrymandered” maps in the nation?

  • Per a recent study by Azavea, a GIS research organization, out of the 44 states that have had to draw redistricting maps due to 2012 concensus numbers, 28 states have finalized their maps and Maryland’s rates as the most gerrymandered of them all.

Does gerrymandering really affect election outcomes?

  • Creates ‘safe seats’ for pre-selected individuals
  • Decreases voter turnout by lessening the chance that a solitary vote will make a difference
  • ‘Safe seats’ are almost always won by the party in power that created them, so the power of your vote is reduced
  • Newcomers or challengers have little chance of being elected.  Gerrymandered districts are both created and controlled by sitting incumbents and their party.
  • Election costs are increased by making it harder, especially for the challenger, to build name recognition in a district that wanders all over the map.

Can we as Maryland voters really overturn this map?

  • It has happened before.  In 1962 the League of Women Voters contested former Governor Tawes’ gerrymandered map.  The map was rejected in the general election.
  • In 1965 the courts drew a new congressional map for Maryland that was fair and made the districts as compact as possible.

If the map is overturned, won’t there be minimal changes and we will be given the same map again?

  • Not really.  The Legislature has to approve the map and since all state delegates and Senators will be up for re-election in 2014, so will be forced to listen to the people’s voice – we want a fair map that doesn’t divide communities or minority groups/communities.
  • The overturning of the map by voters will help advocates who want to create a non-partisan committee to draw our maps (California has done this).

The opposition to this map is shared by Republicans and Democrats, as well as many different ethnic groups. 

  • Montgomery County Democrats have organized opposition to the congressional districts.  Click on the article below for more information.

Montgomery County Democrats Oppose Congressional Districts 

  • Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot also rejects the congressional map.  He stated on a radio interview that the map has “embarrassed our state” and called for future redistricting plans to be developed by a bipartisan commission instead of legislators and the governor.  Click on the link below to read more.

Comptroller Peter Franchot Rejects Congressional Map 

Please vote “no” on Question #5 this November 6th!

>>>*QUESTION #6 – Same-sex “marriage”

October 24, 2012
I am so glad that many of you are taking the time to educate yourself on the referendum questions.Writing about Question #6 – Same Sex Marriage, I will ask that before making your decision to vote for same-sex marriage in Maryland, at least read my opposing arguments.
Several amendments were offered in the 2011 and 2012 sessions that would have made the bill more palatable to the opposition.  All were rejected.
The rejected amendments included:
  • Protections for parents who wish to opt out their children from same-sex education (I offered this myself)
  • Protections for wedding vendors who object
  • Protections for young boys (under 18) who are legal to marry in Maryland with permission.
  • Protections for churches, parochial schools, charities, shelters, and other religious community organizations that receive state money
The amendments were voted down, leaving many of our citizens of faith in vulnerable positions with regards to future lawsuits and restrictions waged against them.
Finally, everyone has a moral argument to wage regarding same-sex marriage. When viewing legislation I try to pull my moral opinions out and look at the pros and cons of legislation. I am personally opposed to same-sex marriage for religious purposes, but I can look objectively at the bill and see that it is just a bad law.

Again, thank you again for taking the time to engage yourself in Election 2012. Please share this information with your friends and family.


Question 6

Civil Marriage Protection Act
Establishes that Maryland’s civil marriage laws allow gay and lesbian

couples to obtain a civil marriage license, provided they are not otherwise

prohibited from marrying; protects clergy from having to perform any 

particular marriage ceremony in violation of their religious beliefs; affirms that each religious faith has exclusive control over its own theological doctrine regarding who may marry within that faith; and provides that religious organizations and certain related entities are not required to provide goods, services, or benefits to an individual related to the celebration or promotion of marriage in violation of their religious beliefs.


Why I voted against this law.

Legalizing same-sex marriage in our state will strip the roles of men and women from marriage, making it a “genderless” institution.  We will be redefining traditional marriage – the union of a man and a woman.

Same-sex couples want to be provided with the same benefits as traditionally married couples.

  • Presently, significant benefits are granted to domestic partners, including same-sex partners.  They receive health care facility visitation, health care decision-making, ability to adopt children, state employee health benefits, exemption from state inheritance taxes, and many more.
  • It is not necessary to redefine marriage in order to provide benefits to same-sex couples.

Religious freedom is protected by the language in the law.

  • False!
  • There is language in the actual legislation that does not appear on the ballot.  Religious organizations that accept any sort of state or federal funds are excluded from any religious liberty protections, as well as individuals or businesses.
  • Churches, religiously affiliated institutions, private businesses (wedding caterers, photographers, florists, etc.) and individuals who, for moral reasons, will not be a part of a same-sex marriage ceremony, face litigation.
  • There have been incidences of people being fired from their jobs who oppose re-defining marriage.

Angela McCaskill Suspended From Job

  • Nonprofit groups are faced with abandoning historic mission principles to maintain government contracts.

 DC Catholic Charities Forced to Close Adoption Program

Catholics Forced to End DC Foster-Care Program

  • Marriage education in schools will include same-sex marriage.  The courts have ruled that parents have no right to prior notice or opting out their children.

  Culture War Hits Kindergarten

  • Wedding professionals have been fined for refusing to participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies.

Wildflower Inn Sued Over Refusal to Host Gay Wedding


There should be equality among all people, so homosexuals should have the right to marry.

  • Discrimination is understood as the unjust denial of basic human rights to a certain person or group.
  • Those supporting same-sex marriage compare the discrimination of homosexuals to the civil rights movement.   In truth, homosexuals have the freedom to live as they choose.

What the law says to children: 

  • Redefining marriage shifts the focus of marriage laws away from the interests of children, and onto the desires of adults.
  • Men and women are exactly the same in rearing children.
  • “What makes it hard for a girl to grow up with a gay father is that she never gets to see him loving, honoring, or protecting the women in his life.” (From “Out From Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting)
  • Women with gay or bisexual fathers are significantly less comfortable with closeness and intimacy, less able to trust and depend on others, and experience more anxiety in relationships than women with heterosexual fathers. (Arch Psychiatric Nursing 2009)
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Follow-up Links:
Kathy’s Website
Delegate Kathy Afzali
Susan Bittle, Chief of Staff
Delegate Kathy Afzali / PO Box 412 / Braddock Heights, Maryland 21714 / 301-524-7417
Authority Friends of Kathy Afzali, John T. Cornelius, Treasurer

>>>*QUESTION #7 – Casino expansion in Maryland

Vote NO!

Whew, last one!In August, I went to the state legislature with an open mind having not decided whether or not I would vote for or against expanding gambling with a 6th casino site.The testimony for this bill came to my committee, Ways and Means, during the Special Session.  After three days of testimony, both for and against, I discovered that this bill was fatally flawed – jam-packed with pay-offs and backroom deals.  The promise of construction jobs is an insult to the voting public, as the casino will create union only jobs for contractors.Lawmakers were not given enough time to consider the details in the legislation and no real argument was made as to why gaming could not be taken up the next year. The hurrying of this bill through the legislature without the appropriate audit, debate, and legislative process showed too many members in the Democrat leadership avoiding scrutiny and accountability.Please take the time to read the information that I have included below.  I hope you will join a broad coalition of Democrats and Republicans who will be casting votesAGAINST Question 7.Again, thank you for taking the time to engage yourself in Election 2012. Please share this information with your friends and family.


Ballot Question #7Gaming Expansion Referendum – Gaming ExpansionDo you favor the expansion of commercial gaming in the State of Maryland for the primary purpose of raising revenue for education to authorize video lottery operation licensees to operate “table games” as defined by law; to increase from 15,000 to 16,500 the maximum number of video lottery terminals that may be operated in the State; and to increase from 5 to 6, the maximum number of video lottery operation licenses that may be awarded in the State and allow a video lottery facility to operate in Prince George’s County?Why I voted against expanding gambling in Maryland. What happens if the referendum passes?
  • There will be 3,000 slots in Prince George’s County
  • The state cap on slot machines moves to 16,500
  • The Prince George’s casino keeps 44% of income
  • The Baltimore City Casino keeps 52% and can request an additional 3%
  • Arundel Mills casino keeps 51% and can request an additional 2%
  • Local grants:  $200,000 to Allegany and Worchester Counties; $130,000 to Cecil; and $70,000 to Perryville
  • All facilities can operate 24 hours

What happens if the referendum fails?

  • The state will continue to have 5 “slots-only” gaming facilities
  • The General Assembly can consider adding table games in the future
  • The voters will be telling the General Assembly and the Governor that they do not want backroom deals and believe in an “open bid” process
  • There will be more data available on how profitable the current 5 facilities are, as there will be time for proper vetting.  The estimates available presently are too varied and until the Baltimore City facility opens in 2015, any effects of the competition cannot be determined.
  • National casino owners will not receive generous tax breaks when taxes were just raised on the working people of Maryland.
  • The earliest date for a new referendum is 2014.

What are the problems with Expanded Gaming?

  • The tax revenue from gambling will go to the Maryland General Fund NOT specifically to education.
  • There are significant tax breaks being given to casino owners.  This makes no sense in light of the Governor imposing higher taxes on Maryland citizens.
  • Casino owners are exempted from the local personal property tax which ranges from 2.3% to 5.6%.  All other businesses (including small businesses) must still pay this tax.
  • The contracting jobs that are created will not benefit 90% of contractors in Maryland.  All casino contractors must be union (this includes carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc.).
  • This question is the culmination of a backroom deal (with MGM) that will give the sixth casino license to one specific casino at a specific site.  There will be no open and transparent bidding process.
  • MGM dictated that they needed a tax rate of 52% compared to a 67% tax rate for everyone else.
  • The market may well become saturated.  Maryland’s Comptroller, Peter Franchot (D), recently made this statement, “…we cannot ignore the very real possibility that three casinos, located within an hour’s drive of one another, will cannibalize one another and jeopardize the viability of the state’s entire program”.
Veterans–Important Note
Veterans will get their video gambling machines regardless of the referendum’s success or failure. The vote on November 6th has noimpact on that provision.


FROM VOX5VOX5  Regardless of the controversy about the amount of gambling proceeds funding education, Pastor John Piper of Desiring God Ministries boils it down in his letter to the editor.

“Not counting the relatively minor non-gambling revenue, the real meaning of casino revenue is gambling losses. People must risk money and lose it for the state to get its income.”


SEE PIPER VIDEO on this subject:

Even MD Comptroller Peter Franchot Says NO on 7


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