VOTER RESOURCES – Guides, Commentary, Articles, Etc.

Just about everything you want to know, including where the kitchen sink is can be found somewhere on this site.  Please don’t wait until the last minute to read this info. and don’t wait to forward it to a friend!

Please check the upper right hand corner of the main blog page (the top right of your computer screen) for links to specific voter resources.  

Please do read the Alinsky page here. 

If you want to sign up to receive emails with info. on what has been updated, go to the “sign up” box at the bottom left of this page.

When you see a word(s) in a different color and you’d like to know if there is a related story/attribution/reference, take your mouse and hover over it to see if anything appears differently on your screen either in the bottom-left corner or in front of you.  If so, you can click to see the story.  Once you’ve read the story, you can most likely hit the back arrow button to come back to where you were in the Voicing While I Can blog.

AGAIN, consider not waiting until the last minute to read this info. and not waiting to forward it to a friend!  As we now know, Sandy has taken down many power lines and even when Vox5 originally worked on this page many websites were offline.

Even BEFORE “Sandy”, Michelle Obama recommended not procrastinating since as she said the unexpected “toilet overflowing could wreck your day . . .”

* * *

Hopefully, there is some good news here.  You can easily save the web page as a PDF (through a print command) by using the free download for Cute PDF or you can print it.  

NO matter what, YOUR vote, YOUR voice matter, so make sure YOU VOTE!


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